Monday, March 27, 2006

Burning Question

I just posted my first question on the "Burning ?" page on my site. Ever since I started my website, I had wanted a forum, or something where people who visit my site could communicate with each other. I wanted to make it a fun little site to visit. More than once. I visited tons of sites that have "forums". I just don't like that word for some reason. And I think the basic forum format was a little complex for me to deal with, actually.

So I finally decided to pose a question each week, not just a question but a BURNING question, and hope that people will respond to it.

Now, I must admit, I'm feeling nervous. Nervous because don't know if anyone will actually respond. What if I pose different questions week after week, and no one but me responds? And then the secret is out...I am the only person that visits my website. But, I reassure myself, if that is true, no one will even notice that no one is responding. Just me. And I think my questions ARE burning and I want to answer them!!!

So, in other words, I am no further along in the development of my self-confidence as I was in highschool. Ok, 5th grade. I can remember thinking I couldn't wait to be an age when I didn't care so much about what other people thought. I thought that age was somewhere in the 30s. (I have a feeling, at the time I started thinking about this stuff, my mom was in her 30s) It hasn't happened for me yet, but maybe once I hit 30...

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