Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Am Her Daughter!

I don't have many pictures of my mom and I together. Not many pictures of Mom, period. She never was a fan of having her picture taken because she didn't like how she looked in photos. Something about her "bad eye".

But I think, no, I KNOW if my mom had known how much I LOVE to look at pictures of her now that I can't see her in real life, she would have posed endlessly. My mom was a "giver" and she would've given me anything I might have asked for.

When I see a picture of my mom, I don't see the "bad eye" or anything else that is flawed. I see my mom. And I love this picture in particular, because not only do I see her, but I see my resemblance to her. I don't know if anyone besides me can see it. Maybe I see the physical likeness, because I know how connected we were and are. Like my mom, I love to laugh, and I love the simple little things in life.

My mom's friend, Irene, put it so well when she said, "Joanie was all about the fun". What a cool way to go down in history, I think! That's a pretty good life philosophy I'd like to have as my mantra: "I'm all about the fun".

I hope I possess more and more of my mom's great qualities as I get older. She had a bunch: She was a great friend, a patient listener, someone who loved to help people, and she was "all about the fun"! I also hope I look half as good as she does in this picture once I'm 69!

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