Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Ahhhh.  I FEEL it.  Spring is more than just in the air today.  It's officially HERE. 

And although we have some snow still on the ground, there isn't any more on the way in the 7 day forecast.  I have a feeling the snow isn't quite over for the season, but since the days are longer, and the temperatures are getting a little warmer, I think any snow we get from here on out won't stick around too long.

I LOVED our first real Winter here in Colorado.  Loved it with a capital L. So much so, that I'm a little sad to say goodbye to it.  However, this will be our first Spring here.  I can't wait to see what pops up flower and plant-wise. I'm pretty sick of my winter clothes at this point, since I Kon Marie my way to such a small wardrobe. I'm ready to change that up already!  I'm also looking forward to warmer temps, so that I can head out earlier in the days with Lucy and Ricky for some good long hikes. 

I've been so conditioned during my 40+ years of living in the sweltering heat of Dallas summers (excuse me, but... BARF) that this will be my first time to fully soak up the joys of Spring.  Spring in Dallas is actually nice. However, I always have the knowing dread of what's ahead. We arrived in Colorado in June of last year, so I know what the summers are like here.  And although it's not my favorite season (it's still a little hot during parts of the day, and those f-ing rattlesnakes scare the crap out of me), I still like it!

So I am fully welcoming Spring this year.  Completely.  I'm ready to soak it up. 🌼
oh, and yep, this pretty Warner brooch is up for grabs in my ResparkableVintage Etsy shop- the first flower of SPRING

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