Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hildebrand Ranch Park

After spending the bulk of our Saturday watching the 20/20 special on the horrifyingly evil Diane Downs who attempted to kill all of of her children back in the early 80s, we then became obsessed and went on to...
1. watch the 1980s ABC Farrah Fawcett mini-series called "Small Sacrifices" about her (Damn! Farrah was actually a good actress.  I'm sure Diane was flattered (barf!) that she played her in the movie.)
2. watch some clips of interviews with Diane we found on YouTube
3. Google all things Diane that led us down a few different rabbit holes.

Ricky looked at me and said, "HEY! Enough is enough! Let's do some real-life stuff!" Where would we be without our dogs to remind us about the BEST things in life?!
"Enough of Diane Downs!"

So, late Saturday afternoon, Ricky and Lucy went with us on a hike within our neighborhood.  Which is ALWAYS great fun.

Sunday afternoon, after Ricky had his own 3 miles walk close to home, Lucy got to hit the big time! We took her to a place that was new to us.  Hildebrand Ranch Park.

We saw it last weekend, when we took Ricky to another hiking area nearby.  We had promised Lucy all week she would get her turn next.  And next time just happened to be today.  It was a beautiful day- nearly 60 degrees.  We knew rain was coming much later in the afternoon, but we had plenty of time for tacos, and then the hike!

Lucy LOVES trails.  She walks at an entirely different pace when she's in a new place.  Never trailing behind, but always forging ahead to be the leader! She wasn't sure where we were taking her at first, and doesn't love car rides- even when they're short.  But the payoff was definitely worth it.

I didn't love this hiking spot as much as some others, but on a crisp, cool day, it was great.  I loved that we could see the weather rolling in way off in the distance. This would probably be hot on a warm day, but for 50/60 degrees, it was perfect! There were other walkers and dogs, and also cyclists.  But it wasn't too crowded at all.  We'll definitely go back again soon.
Lucy and Fermin- and that big, beautiful sky.

see the rain off in the distance?


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