Monday, March 5, 2018

Music Monday: Mat Kearney "Nothing Left to Lose"

This isn't a new song, and I'm not even sure what made me think to play it was I was driving (moving!) from University Hills (Denver) to Lookout Mountain in Golden, but something did.  During that 30 minutes or so, I was enamored by this song, so much so that I played it over and over and over for the entire drive.

And since that, I've been on a big Mat Kearney kick.  Before getting rid of my entire CD collection, I had a lot of Mat's CDs- probably just about all of them besides the most recent.  Now, thanks to Apple Music, I have them ALL.  So the past several days, it's Mat Kearney all the time.

This song is still my very favorite of his... enjoy your music Monday.

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