Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Moving on Up

As of March 1, we moved from the University Hills area of Denver to the mountains in Golden.  As I was driving towards the mountains the day we relocated, I was feeling happier and happier by the second.  THIS is what I envisioned when I hoped we would one day live in Colorado. 

I love going on my daily walks this neighborhood, let alone all the nearby hiking.  The area is aptly named Lookout Mountain. From our window, we have the perfect lookout to the city below.  It's especially gorgeous to me at night with all the twinkling lights. And the sunrise in the morning is worth waking up early for. And so bright it's unavoidable...
a full moon over Golden, Colorado
sunrise from our bedroom window
And the street names are things like "Paradise" and "Panarama" and "Grandview".  No kidding. The street names don't lie.
Panorama Dr.
The house we're staying in is small in square footage, but plenty of room for our small family of 4.  There's a nice kitchen with a small living area on the lower level, and upstairs is our bedroom (with a king sized bed- yay!) and a great bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a separate shower that has so many shower heads it actually makes me a little nervous. We are in renting a family's guest house, and we live above the garage, so we have a balcony on each level.
the guest house is the taller building above the garage
my boys ❤️
We have our own little courtyard and completely separate entrances so we never cross paths with the family that owns the home.  But we hear the garage beneath us and are aware of their comings and goings.  It's really the perfect set up and for now, I love it.  I know soon enough, Fermin will be traveling for work, and having them right there gives me some reassurance. (Even though I've got my 2 ferocious beasts, Lucy and Ricky, with me at all times.)

We've moved on up.  To the west side. To a deluxe guest house in the sky. And we LOVE it.

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