Thursday, January 25, 2018

Road Trip

We arrived to Denver yesterday afternoon- WOOHOO! I had been nervous about the long drive.  Of course, we've done that drive quite a few times before, but never in two separate cars- and I've never done the actual driving.

We split it into two days of driving about 7 hours.  The first day, Ricky road with me and we drove just to Amarillo. He LOVES riding in the car, I think because he sees it as a mobile napping device. Whenever we are packing up the car for travel, Ricky tries to jump in long before it's time to go. 
My pal Ricky hitting the road- bound for Amarillo
Lucy's another story.  She's the reluctant traveler of the family.  She road with me on the second day of our road trip. Altho she never napped- or even shut her eyes!- she did lay down in the seat after about an hour, and put her sweet little head on the center console and just stared at me the whole time.
She was actually a more attentive and fun travel companion than Ricky was, since he just sleeps the whole time.

In between the driving, we slept one night at a La Quinta flea motel.  It's not nice by any means, but we're willing to endure it so that we can travel with our dogs.  This time, we found a note left by Santa!  How exciting. Come to find out, when he's not busy at the North Pole, he's stays busy with housekeeping chores at La Quinta.

traveling is exhausting!
We made it to Denver around 4pm on Tuesday.  It had snowed a few days before, so although the roads were totally fine, there was snow on the ground still which was so pretty, and fun for Lucy and Ricky to run around in.
All the worry I had in the month leading up to the trip- how the dogs would behave being separated, possible inclement weather conditions, and just the over all fatigue of driving 13+ hours- was really just needless concern.  It was fine.  It was more than fine.  I got to listen to good music, I listened to an audiobook, a few podcasts, and I had a furry companion to pet the whole time.

And now- we're here! :)

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