Thursday, January 18, 2018

Picture Day for the House

The lead up to picture day for our house felt stressful and exhausting, but wow! this house has never looked better.  I'm glad that's behind us.

I've been getting rid of clutter for probably about 2 years now, and I've been boxing stuff up for storage for the last 6 months or so.  So last week, when the "stager" came out, there wasn't much left to do.  She didn't need to tell us to clear off the counters or declutter anything, because that's already been done.

She did make some suggestions- a few we agreed to, and a few others we ended up overruling.

  • She suggested we move our kitchen table and chairs out of our kitchen nook.  But it looked so stupid when we tried it.  She thought it would make it appear bigger, but in the end, it just made it look lonesome and weird. 

  • She also suggested we get rid of a flower arrangement my friend Kelly made us that we have in our den.  She thought that arrangement, along with the framed artwork was too much.  We tried just moving the artwork- But, meh.  It didn't make it look better.  Just sort of more drab.  So the art AND the flower arrangement stayed.

  • She tried to get me to take down the shower curtain and my tub exposed.  But although I love soaking in my tub, it's not that pretty- Certainly not a selling point.  And it felt so, I don't know... private and naked.  So although I removed my shower curtain that had a theme of hearts and opted for a stark white one instead (to make it more boring, because in staging a home to sell, apparently boring is the thing) we did not opt to go shower curtain-free.  

Our house is generally tidy and clean, but knowing someone is coming out to photograph it, I was scrubbing like I've never scrubbed before.  And planting flowers in pots outdoors on a day that never got above freezing.  And all these little last minute touches... that by the time our realtor and the photographer arrived, there was really nothing left to do but sit there, and hope for the best.

We got to see a sneak peek of the photos on his iPad before the photographer left and they looked pretty good.  Today we get the final edits.  Fingers crossed.  I know how important pictures are to draw people in to look at a house.  I know, because I'm on the buyer's end of searching for a home at the same time as being on the seller's end.  I hope the photos give a great representation of how sweet this house is, and I think they will! (I'll post some of them here soon.)

And I am so glad picture day is over.

Next up: packing for Monday!

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