Monday, December 5, 2016

Music Monday- James Morrison "Right Here"

I've been a fan of James Morrison since I heard him sing backup on some Jason Mraz song that I actually can't even remember right now.  The minute I heard that voice of his- soulful and scratchy- I bought his CD that was out at the time. It was his first. And I loved it.  I covered a few of his songs and threw them onto my own set list at the time.

Then his next CD came out.  And again~ bought it and loved it.

And just the other day I thought of him, although I hadn't listened to his music in a while.  I was in my car- which doesn't even have a CD player- so I looked him up on Apple Music.  Somehow, he had a CD in 2015 that blew right past me.  So... obviously, immediate download.

Luckily, it's the "bonus" edition of the CD so there are 15 songs on this batch.  And it may be his best yet. There's a good range of tempo and styles within these 15 songs.  I like all of them, but songs 4,5 and 6 hit the sweet spot for me.  I don't remember the titles, but that's the track order.  This is the 4th song, and it's called "I'm Still Here".

The lyrics come so fast on this one, so I was pretty happy just now when I looked it up on YouTube for Music Monday... Although there isn't a official video of this song, there is a lyrical one so it's a sing a long!  And that will help me (and you) learn the words a whole lot faster.

Happy Music Monday.  Get ready to dig into a great song.  The whole CD is impressive.

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