Friday, December 9, 2016

Creative Pursuits for 2017

There's is still a lot to do before we wrap up 2016.  But I'm trying to think ahead a little, and get myself excited about the new year to come. Because, it's coming! In previous years, I haven't set resolutions or goals for the new year, because I don't really give myself time to thoughtfully come up with anything all that meaningful.  But this year, I'm on it! And I think it just might make a difference in how I approach things. This year, I'm not necessarily making "New Year's Resolutions", but instead, I have some creative pursuits I intend to roll out for 2017.

Here are the main ones, that feel are the most vital, important, and fun:
1. Record 10 songs. Maybe new ones, maybe some I've already written, just never recorded. I've got a home studio so really, why aren't I using it?  I'm not saying I'm making a CD.  I just recording a batch of 10 songs. Even if I'm the only person that ever hears them. No pressure.  Just a creative outlet for myself and for FUN.

2.Make up a dance routine for Lucy and me and video tape it.  I watch those dog dancing videos whenever they pop up, and always want to do my own.  And I know Lucy can pull it off.  She already knows some of those dog dance moves I've seen in videos.  She LOVES learning and practicing tricks.  And we're both dancers at heart.  So why the heck not!?  Again, no pressure.  Just for FUN.  I'm pretty sure Ricky will be happy to just lay on the couch and watch from the sidelines, but who knows...If he wants to be in on it, we can make it happen!

3.Launch my podcast already.  I've been dreaming, scheming and saying "I want to start a podcast" for well over a year now, but I've not done it yet.  I think I'm just scared of investing a lot of time and energy in the output, and then not finding an audience for it.  But again: why not just do it for my own creative outlet and FUN? The people who need and want to hear it... WILL.

This next one may not necessarily be a "creative pursuit",but it is a pursuit none the less.  And it feels very important to me, so I had to include it as the "grande finale" of my list today.

4.Move to Colorado.  Or as Fermin likes to say, "Find a home in Colorado."  So let's just compromise it for now and say: Find a house in Colorado to live in at least 6 months out of the year.  I've lived in Dallas my entire life, but have always yearned to try something different.  And the mountains are it for me. So, Colorado- here we come!

More on all of these goals as they progress.  But the universe needs to hear my plans.  So I wanted to say them here.

2017 is sounding pretty amazing already!


Judy Hoffman said...

Love it! Happy creative and fun 2017!

Valerie said...

5. Visit DC. :)

Valerie said...

#5 would tie in to creativity because we could go to museums for inspiration!

Kerri said...

Thanks, Judy! You too!

And Valerie: YES! #5. Most Def to visit YOU/ d.c.!!!!