Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pain Takes a Backseat to Embarrassment

It all happened so fast, I really didn't even know what caused it.  Uneven sidewalk I guess.

I was aware of cars driving by as I was falling and my first thought wasn't about hitting the sidewalk- It was all about how ridiculous this all must look. Oh, Vanity. Thanks for keeping me preoccupied.

I hit the pavement pretty hard, and of course, it hurt! But I sprang up immediately as if it didn't, for fear that someone might stop to check on me.  When I hopped back up and resumed my run, I didn't know how much my knees were bleeding (I didn't want to look) and I was hoping the blood wasn't going to drip all the way down my leg and give away my scuffle with the sidewalk.

After a few steps, my hands were burning.  I looked down and noticed that they were all scraped up too. And my thigh. How did my thigh get so scraped up? And my forearm? It must have been a face-plant, just without the face planting.  The rest of my body was, for a second, planted on the pavement. But I got up and kept on running. And not because I'm a baddass.

Falling is just so humiliating.  I remember once seeing Ellen Degeneres doing a little bit about tripping on the sidewalk on a HBO comedy special.  (I'll post a clip of it at the bottom of this post-- It's so funny because it's so relatable!)It's true what she says, "Pain takes a backseat to embarrassment."  Once I was in the privacy of my own home, and no longer embarrassed about my bloody knees and what I must have looked like, I made a huge deal out of my pain.  Fermin, Lucy and Ricky got to hear all about it.

I took my shower and cleaned up my wounds so Fermin and I could go out for a "I Survived My Fall" celebration lunch.
There's nothing Hello Kitty can't make better.
When we were looking for our parking spot, he turned to me and asked, "Oh, did you need me to park in the handicap parking?"

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