Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kissing My Shure Mic

I have said before, that sometimes I think the reason we get sick is just as a little reminder to appreciate our good health.

That same philosophy applies to why I think we sometimes lose, or misplace our prized possessions, and then find them again.

Over the weekend, as I was packing up my car to go to my gig, my pink bag that holds some of my gear was not in it's intended spot.  I, of course, panicked.  I called Fermin and accused him of moving it, or even throwing it out, during his recent clean out of our garage.  He assured me that he hadn't. But you gotta blame somebody, right?

I didn't have time to look anywhere other than in the obvious places, because I was already running late to my gig.  I don't keep that many things in that bag (thank god)- just my microphone, some cables/cords, a tip jar, a music stand, and some back up things like batteries and spare set of guitar strings. Fortunately for me, I was able to borrow a mic and cords for both the microphone and my guitar. Those were the only things I HAD to have for the gig that night.  I could do without my tip jar (but boo, not as many people give tips when there's no where to put the money!) and my music stand (but bummer, I had some brand new songs I wanted to try out but felt too nervous to do them without the music in front of me).

After I returned home that night and looked again in not only the obvious places, but also the not-so-obvious or logical places. But nope.  Not there. I decided the pink bag had been stolen.  A thief had come into my garage, and although they left behind golf clubs, bikes, lawn equipment, etc, they must have come strictly for the pink bag.

I was so mad.  But I knew I had less than a week before my next gig so I got online and started pricing microphones.  It was right then that I realized that back when I got my Shure microphone years ago, Fermin helped me make a really good decision.  It's not super expensive, but it sure is a nice one. I hadn't thought much about that microphone and how much I like it in many years.  I just sing into it, but I don't really think about it.  But now... DAMN!

As a musician, I don't make much money... So to lose my equipment, or "have it stolen", hurts.

So, I made one more final sweep of my house, and my garage, to make sure it wasn't in some funky spot.  And there!  In the clothes hamper!~which seemed especially full~ I saw a little sliver of bright pink, peeking out from underneath!!!
can you see it?!
 I screamed when I saw it! A scream of delight!
There she is!
Don't ask me how it got there.  I'm not blaming anyone.  Not even myself.  I'm just so elated to have it back.

I love that Shure microphone more than ever. I got it out to look at it and noticed that over the years, I guess my mouth has accidentally rubbed up against it a time or two and it has a pink hue on it from my lipstick.  It's got my mark on it!  It's mine!  And I'm so happy it was not stolen from my garage!
See the pink hue at the top of the mic-- That's my branding!

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