Friday, March 20, 2015

I'm All About the Podcasts!

Ever since a my friend told me about Serial (which, like everyone else, I got immediately hooked on), I've been diving into the world of podcasts. And it's a big, wide, beautiful world.
podcast icon, on an apple phone
I use to listen to music when I ran (or walked or lifted weights).  Then I started listening to audio books.  They had to be non-fiction or I just couldn't follow along for some reason.  Then, as mentioned, Serial fell into my life.  And now, it's all podcasts, all the time!

I love podcasts for so many reasons.  The top ones being:
  1. You can find good podcasts on just about any subject your interested in.  Go ahead, and check it out right now.  Go to the purple mic icon (if you have an iphone, which is all I know), and use the search tool to find podcasts about anything and everything.  See?!  
  2. They're portable.  Unlike a video, or a blog, you can listen to podcasts while running, walking, working out, gardening, commuting... If you've got a little time to fill, there's a podcast to fill it with it!
  3. They tend to be 30 minutes to an hour in length, per podcast.  It's not a huge, ongoing committment the way some audio books are.  Some of those audio books I listened to in my pre-podcast days were 12 CDs long.  I had to load them on my computer, and then listen. And listen. And listen.  Sometimes, it tooks weeks to hear a whole book.  That's a heavy load for a brain like mine. ;)   Sometimes, shorter is better.  I can listen to an entire podcast (sometimes 2) in the course of my daily workouts.
  4. They're FREE!  All the podcasts I listen to are free.  With the exception of the "premium package" I upgraded to for the Marc Maron WTF podcast...because he's just so awesome, I wanted to pay and have 500 episodes to chose from, because 50 just wasn't enough.  

WTF's Marc Maron
Right now, my number 1 favorite podcast is the one I mentioned above- WTF with Marc Maron. Marc's a stand up comic that I didn't know of because I don't know much about the stand up world.  He interviews a new guest each week.  But rather than feeling like your listening to an interview, it feels like you're eavesdropping on great conversation between two (usually) funny people.  He interviews lots of comics (well-knowns, and not-so-well-knowns), but also musicians, actors, film makers.  I love Marc, and now feel like I know him. 

So if you're not a podcast listener yet, you might want to check into them.  It's a big, wide, beautiful world out there.  And there's something for everyone.

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