Tuesday, March 31, 2015

4 Happy Years

Little Lucy
Little Ricky
Lucy McGilicuddy

Ricky Ricardo

4 years of FUN with these two... And I know we've got many more ahead of us.  They are not only half brother and sister, but also best friends.  This happens many times, daily-
two blurs

And so does this-
relaxing after a game of chase
I'm so grateful for them.  They've brought so much love into our lives.  Kisses and wiggles every day.
Happy Anniversary


Anonymous said...

wow... those are some cute puppies and thank you for training and taking such good care of them. They told me to tell you that you are the beessssst doggie mommie.

Kerri said...

thank you, sweet fermin! my sweet family- i'm a very lucky girl.