Friday, October 31, 2014

Good For the Soul

I feel so joyous in this moment.

I just walked Lucy and Ricky, on this beautiful, crisp Fall day, and listened to songs from my "50 Songs in 90 Days" endeavor. 
my constant walking companions, Ricky and Lucy

Earlier today, I loaded those songs on my iPod, so it's the very first time I've heard any of them since writing and recording them.

I've only made it through the first 14 songs, but it was so exciting finally listening to them.  I started that batch of songs back on July 4 and continued writing them daily until October 1.  So the first 14 were probably all written during July, which now seems like quite a while ago.  Some of the songs bring me right back to whatever I was thinking about on that particular day of songwriting.  Others, seem like they might have been written by someone I don't even know-- I don't remember what inspired them or much about them.  Which is all very interesting to me.

A few of the songs, I really really liked.  And none of them made me cringe~  Which feels like a great accomplishment.

I'm excited to keep listening- And to see what I can make of some of these songs.
I am bound and determine to play around with them in my Logic audio recording software,  which I still have yet to learn to use.  But I intend to keep it fun,  keep it light, and know that all of this is not only good for my brain, but good for my soul. 

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Unknown said...

I cannot wait to hear what you do with some of these new songs!!!