Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Weekend's Holiday Craft Fair

Well, I've got my second craft fair under my belt now.  And the final one of the year for sure!

Our booth at the Bishop Lynch Christmas Bazaar looked more or less the same as the one I posted about here, that we had done about a month ago.  We had to flip our tables around and set it up slightly different, which really shouldn't have been as mentally challenging as it was!
The Sparkle Booth at the Bishop Lynch Holiday Bazaar
Resparkable Vintage Jewelry on display!
There were about 50 other vendors, lots of them jewelry,  but no other repurposed-vintage-handcrafters like us!   We were located in a great spot, surrounded by nice, friendly people, and we were inside on a cold and windy day. Yay!  I think we lucked out, and it was a great day.

The pillow Allyson gave me earlier that morning.. because, as you know, I say YAY often!
Except, towards the end of the day, my booth partner, Allyson, was complaining more of more of fatigue and a headache.  I figured it was just allergies, or a long day, or....

...She texted me just a little bit ago telling me she just got home from a clinic and has been officially diagnosed with the flu.  It's her first flu ever.  I consoled her, telling her, she will probably feel like she's going to die, and in fact, sort of want to die, but in about a week, she'll be thankful for her health like never before.

I, of course, consoled myself by using my neti-pot for the first time this season.   I read that the flu is contagious even before symptoms start. Uh oh.  So I'm fighting the good fight.  "YAY"

So if you came to our booth, THANK YOU, and now, go wash your hands.

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