Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Holiday Wrap

Ahhhhh.  Christmas time.  It's already come and gone.

I can remember, as a kid, I always felt sad when Christmas was over.  There was such a build up to Christmas morning, the whole month of December. Then it was one fast and fun (and a little furious!) day, and by the 26th or 27th, it would occur to me that we had to wait a whole year to get back to that kind of fun again.

Of course, Christmas isn't quite the same, now that I'm a grown up.  But that mindset I had as a child, those "post-holiday blues" each year, lasted long into my adulthood.

Until this year.

I don't feel sad at all.  I'm sort of glad for some of it to be over.  But the good memories will remain...
I went with my family to see White Christmas at Fair Park.  I kept thinking, "Mom would have loved this". 
Me and my big (little) sis got to spend a lot of great time together-- I adore her!
Tuba Christmas, at Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas- An old tradition for many, a relatively new one for us!
Grandma Dad-  Dad's head got cold so he wore my scarf.  Who knew my Dad could look so much like a grandmother?
MY FAMILY: I don't know WHAT was going on with my face, but clearly, I was fighting for a little face time!  :)
Holiday baking with my two favorite sous chefs, Lucy and Ricky.
I am grateful for these blessing.
Merry Christmas!!

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