Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Writing In November

Did you know November is National Novel Writing Month?

November 1st-30st, "The world needs your novel"
I guess, depending on where you live, November might sound like a great time to take on the big endeavor of churning out your next novel- It's cold and dreary, and staying inside at the keyboard, dreaming up a story might just be the best way to pass the time.

But I live in Dallas.  The days have only just begun to cool off enough that I can walk my dogs even after 9am and not have to worry about any of us suffering from heat exhaustion for the remainder of the long day. 

The beginning of Fall is my favorite time of the year.  For sure.  Crisp cool days, cooler nights, falling leaves, the occasional downpour, sweaters and Uggs, and holidays in our near future.... Ah!  I LOVE IT.

However, I also love a good challenge. 

But writing a novel... in a month?  I don't think so.  I'm not really sure I've got a novel in me. 

But I'm pretty sure I've got a few decent short stories.  And maybe even a brief memoir.  And most definitely, more consistent blog posts!

My favorite time of the year might just be the perfect time to get myself back into a regular writing practice.  These days, writing has been on the back burner, while jewelry making has taken center stage.  But I love to write!  And I think it helps my jumbled mind to do it regularly.

So on these beautiful Fall days of November, I will be writing about an hour a day.  If it's a rainy day, or a little chilly, I'll put on a pot of tea and go nuts with the writing (probably while eating nuts)!  Or, if it's sunny and beautiful outside, I can take it to the streets-- or I can even write in my hammock if I feel it necessary! 

There's a nice little website here where you can get tips, support, track your progess, and connect with other writers online if you want.  I'll be one of them.

The world needs our novels, or short stories, or whatever...


Unknown said...

Well, I am working on a couple of short story ideas...and making an outline for my mini-novel, as my mind jumps around from story to story.
Let's chat!

Kerri said...

good for you, elaine! yes, let's chat on this very soon...