Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Staying Safe

There have been 3 rapes in the past couple of weeks near my neighborhood.  The rapist is still on the loose. WHOA.

Both yesterday and today, there was a "lock down" at area schools because of this. 

The rapist (or rapists- they don't know for sure that it's the same man) has busted thru doors and windows to get inside homes.  He hasn't gone in schools.  And he's been raping women, not children.

So, altho I  get that we're locking down everything we can think of, it seems odd that it's the schools that are in lock down.  My husband's explanation to me was that it was so the guy wouldn't have a place to hide if he ran off... But aren't there lots of other hiding places?  With women in them?  I want my house in lock down!!!  And, well, I guess it is.  ;)

Today, Lucy and I unlocked our doors to get some fresh air and went for a run at the lake. 
Looks safe enough!  :)
I gotta admit, I was sorta on high alert.  I parked in a parking lot that had a police car in it.  When I pulled into my parking spot, I realized the jeep next to me had it's rear passenger window busted out and glass was all over the ground.  The policeman asked me if I knew who's car it was (Um, no)...  So that's why he was there.  But it made me feel safer.  And of course, having my big mouthed and sassy Lucy along made me feel like if anyone did try to bother us, lots of folks would hear about it.
The Big Bad Wolf

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Valerie said...

How scary! Be careful out there. I hope they catch the guy(s) soon!