Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rhoda Morgenstern

I was sad when I heard the other day that Valerie Harper, who famously played Rhoda, Mary Tyler Moore's BFF, has terminal brain cancer.
Valerie Harper as Rhoda Morgenstern
But today, I saw a bit of an interview she gave over the last couple of days.  She said, "We are all terminal.  No one here gets out alive."  She went on to say that she wants people to see her now and see that she's feeling fine. NOW.  That may not always be the case, but right now she is fine.

I tend to worry about things that might eventually happen.  Since my grandmother had breast cancer and my Mom died of ovarian cancer, I sometimes get caught up in worrying about "what if I get cancer?".   And because my other grandmother had Alzheimer's, I sometimes worry that could someday happen to me.  And then I worry, "OMG, poor Fermin." Then I worry, oh no- what if something bad happens to Fermin first.  I even worry about the eventual day Lucy and/or Ricky has something go wrong....  Seriously, I could go on and on.

But Valerie reminded me today that right now, I'm very healthy and feeling great.  Right now Fermin is young and vibrant.  And right now Lucy and Ricky are just happy 2 year olds!  Right now everything is just great.  And that's really all I need to focus on.


Unknown said...

Yes, I agree. Looking on the brightest sides is the best way
to go through life as we notice the difficulties...and we can be loving through all of it, no matter what the circumstance.

Valerie said...

Beautiful and so right.