Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lucy is Two Today!

My sweet girl turned 2 years old today!
Lucy's favorite thing to do- and she's so good at it!- is catch the frisbee. So we had big plans for frisbee at the park for her birthday.  But the weather here is totally not cooperating.  It's been rainy, cloudy and cold all day.

I find myself singing "My Girl" to Lucy often... It applies today more than ever.  "I got sunshine, on a cloudy day.  When it's cold outside, I got the month of May..."  She is my little Sunshine, that's for sure.  Always happy, always cute, and just beautiful.

Lucy (and Ricky) managed to have a great day, even tho it they had to spend all day inside.  There's been lots of snuggling, chewing bones, playing with toys, and Lucy and I even managed to get out and do a little shopping.

Lucy picked out pig ears, and a couple of cookies to share with her BFF, Ricky.
Politely waiting on pig ears and cupcakes to be served...
Pink for Lucy, and blue for Ricky of course
Super yummy!
Ricky finished his first while Lucy ate slowly like a little Lady.  But Ricky just politely watched, licking his lips while she finished up!
  Happy birthday, little Lucy! 

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