Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jeweled Bookmarks at Santa's Workshop

why am I feeling so light headed?
 The other day in my studio/Santa's workshop, I plugged a lamp in and sparks flew out of the outlet.  I have an electrician coming out in a couple of days to make sure I'm not about to burn our house down, but until then I figured I'd have to either work on jewelry projects in a different room, or just do it in the dark.  :(

But my awesome sister gave me an early Christmas gift which put a cute little band-aid on the problem until Milestone Electric makes it out here on Saturday.  I get to work in my studio after all wearing my new super cute head lamp!

jeweled bookmarks for Christmas gifts
I'm pretty sure my neighbors don't read my blog, so I think I'm safe in posting what part of their Christmas gifts will be.  I made cute little bookmarks with pretty little beads hanging from the silver bookmark.

Hopefully, my neighbors still read from books and haven't  converted to e-readers only... Otherwise my cute little gift is going to be a bust!
bookmarks for BOOKS!