Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Am SO Selling... Soon, at Resparkable Vintage

I've been making jewelry for several years.  I started with a class at The Creative Arts Center (if you click the link, they still have a picture of me up on the banner!) where we learned how to saw and pierce sheet metals, solder, and do bezel settings and riveting. 

My friend Allyson showed me the basics of beading, which I liked even better than the class because I'm a girl who appreciates instant gratification.

For a while, she and I got really into using PMC and made lots of silver earrings and pendants.
After more classes and just learning stuff by making gobs of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I think I've finally found my style.  I love to mix vintage components with beads and chains and make them into something new.  

I'm obsessed with the finding the vintage stuff!  Most Thursdays and Fridays I hunt at estate sales.  I have found amazing stuff and I'm always so thrilled to find something special that has a history behind it.

For a while, especially in our days of the silver PMC, Allyson and I had discussions that we should try to sell some of our creations because how much jewelry does one girl really need anyway?  And we needed money to support our new-found habit!

We'd show each other something new we had made, loving it so much that we'd say, "I'm SO not selling this."  We have continued that phrase over the years and still say it all the time. 

This past Fall, we put a few of our necklaces in Allyson's aunt's booth in Warrenton and they sold!
How cool- Stuff moved!  Which created more space, inspiration,  a little cash to make even more jewelry.

Soon, I'll be opening a Etsy shop. I had first secured the shop name, "I'm So Not Selling This", but decided it might be better karma to call it "Resparkable Vintage".  So that's it!  That's what the name of my shop will be.  As my friend Lindsey replied when I told her my final decision, "Done and done!"

I'll be using this blog to tell you about my progress with starting things up, and I'll post pictures of my finds, my creations, and of course all my other usual chit chat.  As soon as the shop is open, you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow... well, not tomorrow but soon I'll have the link on this website!

Please stay tuned, because in the weeks or months to come, I am SO selling!  


Valerie said...

This is so fantastic! Congratulations on the new name--can't wait to see the shop. I'm SO forwarding your blog to my sister--you and she have a similar affinity for vintage. Happy jewelry making!

Melissa Sarno said...

So awesome : ) Good luck with this. That last photo is stunning! I love.