Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crack for Pups

Today was Ricky Ricardo's turn to go up to the field we love to play in.  I take either Lucy or Ricky most days.  They love it up there.

But today was even more fun than usual.  Not only did we get to see our favorite relative, Jasper (with Ashley, of course!) but we met a lady that brought 4 of her 5 Aussies to play with us!
Jasper up front, Ricky nearest him on the left, and the 4 other Aussies we met today!
What a blast.  And to top it off, Ashley gave me a little baggy of take home treats for the Ricardo's!  They loved the treats so much they could barely keep their composure!  I need to ask Ashley what in the world was in those treats--  Crack, maybe?  ;)

So I made a little video of them enjoying the treats-  And doing a few tricks as a way of saying "Thanks!"  I should've thought to set up a tripod or something, and I should've had them do a better variety of tricks so it was a bit more exciting...but hey, I learned something new for next time! 


Unknown said...

It seems so easy the way they follow your lead!

Kerri said...

usually, i'm just following their lead!
thanks, elaine! :)