Tuesday, September 11, 2012

John Oates- "I'm With the Band"

Last night my brother and I went to see "Hall and Oates".  Remember them?

Well, last night, it might as well have just been the "Hall" concert.  John Oates seems like just one of the support players in the band.  Hall and Oates don't come off as a duo at all.

Daryl has a great internet show called, "Live From Daryl's House".  He invites guest bands and singer songwriters to his house, where they collaborate to perform their songs, and his.  The support band is the same guys that were playing last night at the concert. Minus John Oates.

Maybe John''s a little out of practice and that explains why the other guitarist got all the guitar solos.  Several other band members were highlighted during certain songs- The percussionist, the saxophonist, the guitarist, and oh yeah, John Oates got to sing 2 songs.  Other than that,  he just stood off to the side playing rhythm guitar all night.

Last night, I was thinking how awkward that must feel for John to be so obviously the second banana to Daryl.  He has to be a very humble man.

Daryl's got the huge talent, and the magic.  His voice is still great, and his songs still make everyone really happy. 

Daryl Hall, age 65, looking pretty cool and stylish and sounding as great as ever!


Valerie said...

I LOVE Hall & Oates!! Too bad about Oates though. I'd love to see them perform. I'll have to check and see if they'll be in the DC area any time soon.

Kerri said...

yep- poor oates. you'll totally see what you mean if you get a chance to see "them".

they have so many great songs- it was super fun. hope you get to see them too!

Eric Folkerth said...

Even back in the day when I saw them, I came away with the feeling that Hall was definitely the key stage presence. And, if he had his internet-show band with him, I am sure it made it even more pronounced.

I'd heard they weren't touring anymore, so it's interesting to see them out anywhere, actually.