Friday, July 13, 2012


So here it is, July 13th, over a week into this 90 day goal I've set for myself (see my recent post, if you missed it), and I've done absolutely nothing in regards to reaching that goal come October 1st.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zero.

I few days after making the "big announcement", one of my friends asked me how my progress was coming along.  Well, I still had just a little shy of 3 months to go on it, so HEY!, no forward movement at that point, but nothing to get panicky about!  But really, I'm so glad she asked...

More than a week after coming up with this bright idea of "polishing up over 200 songs and demo-ing many of them while familiarizing myself with my Logic software between July 4- October 1", I realize although I still love the idea of that, it's not going to really happen unless I break it down into some sort of manageable schedule.  Until I do that, it's too vague to take it seriously.

When I set off to write 50 songs in 90 days in previous years, I had a schedule.  At the beginning of each challenge, I wrote out how many songs I needed to write on a weekly basis in order to stay on track and make it to song number 50 by day 90.  I also posted my songs on the "50/90" public website, which gave me some accountability.  If I started to fall behind on the ranking, it was a clear motivator to sit with my guitar and my notebook until a song came out of me.  I also had virtual strangers that would listen to the songs I posted, and cheerlead me.  All that stuff motivated me to reach my proverbial finish line.

So, my task for today is simply to break down this big lofty 90-day goal into small bite sized pieces that I can swallow.  Because, so far, I've been choking.


Willie Baronet said...

You're a strong finisher!! :-) And good idea for your next step. xoxox

Something tells me it won't be long and you'll be asking SOMEONE to design your next CD cover.

Kerri said...

oh my gosh.... do you think he'll say YES?!?! that'd be dreamy!

Kelly Warren said...

Well I guess the first step to success is admitting you need a better plan! so I think you are on the right track. I look forward to following along on your progress!