Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too Mature for the Dorm!

Back in their younger days, my 2 Siberian Huskies used to go to Tailwagger's Inn whenever Fermin and I went on vacation. We liked it because it was out in Van Alstyn, and there was tons of land for them to run around on. They got to stay in an indoor/outdoor kennel together. And one time, over a Easter Weekend, they even got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. When we went on vacation, they got to go on their own vacation.

But now, as they've become older women, they seem to prefer Home Sweet Home to any other vacation destination. The last several times we've gone out of town, we've had Fermin's brother stay at our house so that they were able to stay where they seem happiest- home.

All of the sudden, Fermin thinks they need to go back to a group dog home, otherwise known as doggy daycare. We just had our backyard landscaped and I think he (rightfully) has concerns that if left to their own devices- or boredom- they might decide to do a little yardwork that probably wouldn't turn out so great. So he had me go check out a doggy day care near our home today. I was against the idea, but tried to go in with an open mind.

I walked out of the place with a made up mind. Zoe and Scout would NOT be happy there. There were big "play areas", but so crowded with dogs that I don't know how they'd get any rest. All the dogs were barking, and just standing around. And I witnessed one Pitbull humping another larger dog.

I don't know how my dogs would get any peace and quiet...or rest if they stayed at this place. Maybe if they were 6, or even 8 years old this would be an okay spot for them to visit. But my girls are 12...nearly 13! And in dog years, that's somewhere in the ballpark of the 85! That's like putting two 80-year-old ladies in a college dorm. There seems to be WAY too much partying going on. And not near enough napping.

We're going to HAVE to find another alternative so that (1)Zoe and Scout are happy and well taken care of (2)our backyard plants and shrubs stay planted and (3) we can enjoy a worry-free time away from our two loved ones.

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darren said...

I love those two puppies! Scout and Zoe can stay at my house! They're the best! And no problem with the landscape. They can dig-up the sprinkler heads that need to be replaced.

Oh, wait. Nevermind. Jezebel the cat would NOT be pleased. :(