Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jonas Bros. in 3-D

The other day, last weekend I think it was, Fermin and I were watching Saturday Night Live and the musical guests were The Jonas Brothers. As we watched them perform their first song, I gleefully said, "Oh, they are making me sick and I could watch this over and over all night long!" I am somehow enthralled by things I cannot stand.

The first time I actually heard or saw them was when they appeared on stage with Stevie Wonder on the Grammy's. I thought they were horrible, and I kept wondering why Stevie had agreed to such a thing. The 3 little Jonas brothers just sorta jumped around the stage, forgetting the words to Mr. Wonder's song "Superstition", and messing up their parts. And they just seemed like they thought they were as iconic as Stevie Wonder is. Eww.

So getting back to this..."I could watch them all night long" I really was thinking how happy I would be to just watch videos of them on youtube or whatever. Then, just a day or two ago I saw an advertisement for an upcoming movie/concert of The Jonas Brothers on it's way to theaters in 3-D!!! OMG. In 3-D? I cannot imagine the bliss of that. But the hell of it is, it will only be in theaters for one week (WHY???) and it falls on the exact week that I will be on my cruise. So no Jonas Brother's in 3D for me. BOO HOO.

Please, someone else go see it and give me a full review upon my return. I almost want to cancel my trip because of this!


Valerie said...

Ha! Barbara Streisand?! I meant Barbara Walters, of course!

Valerie said...

You are cracking me up. I couldn't stand to watch their 3-4 minute performances on SNL, so I know I couldn't handle a full movie, in 3-D no less! Keep us posted if you hear from anyone who sees it.

Did you see them on Barbara Streisand last night? She was trying to tell them that their fans are going to outgrow them, but they said no...their fans are special and will follow them forever. I was thinking that was a bit naive, but then I thought about all the New Kids fans who still go crazy for them, so maybe the Jonas Bros. are right. Only time will tell. (P.S. I'm not a big fan of New Kids on the Block either...)

kerri said...

thank u for the clarification!!! i thought if those little &#*%%*%s also performed with Barbra Streisand, i will really do something drastic and fantastic.

Valerie said...