Thursday, August 9, 2007


When I was a kid I was enthralled by people who could balance on their bicycle with no hands. I can remember there was a boy who would ride around our neighborhood writing on a little pad of paper while he rode his bike and I thought ( and still think) that was such a talent. But one I have never mastered. On a good day I can take one hand off the handle bars for a few seconds without hurting anyone, or myself. I'm a spaz that way.

Even more skilled are the bicycle riders who don't hold on to the handle bars are the UNICYCLISTS!!! Oh my! Now THERE is talent. No bars AT ALL. Just one wheel and two peddles. That's insane.

Today I saw a unicyclist at the intersection of Knox/Henderson and Central Expressway (A well-trafficked intersection). Brave. Or stupid. I was wondering, "How is he going to stop?" Well, I got to see what he did when he came to a red light. He just grabbed on to a pole and hung on until the light changed back to green and then he took off again. I want to know about the getting on and getting off now.

You don't see many unicyclists. Is that because it's difficult? Or because it's just weird looking? Or both? If I thought I had it in me, I think I'd buy one. I'm sort of fascinated...

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