Friday, August 24, 2007

Sing It, Girl!

I played at an open mic last night. Actually, it was the first open mic I've ever played at. Still, it seems odd that I felt so nervous. By the time I played, there weren't even that many people there.

But it was a bar. With smoke. And they had mainly "rock bands" so my sound was a big change of scenery. Maybe I was afraid they'd throw beer bottles at me. Instead a very drunk woman stood in front of me for at least two of my songs sort of yelling, "SING IT. YEAH. SING IT, GIRL." And then she'd yell over to who was in charge of sound, "TURN HER UP." She just kept saying it. So he finally told her to just stand right in front of the speaker. I thought that was so funny! She was an awkward distraction to my nerves I guess.

After I finished I sat down beside my husband and said, "I was nervous!" and he gave me this almost humiliated look and said, "Yeah. I could tell." But the crowd was very cool to me and I was really glad I did it after all was sung and done. And getting to see and hear all the other musicians was such fun too.

So even tho smokey bars are NOT my scene, this helps me realize, I should probably get out and do more open mics just for adventure. I figure something that gives me nervous energy like that is something I should do more often until at least other people (like my husband!) can't tell I'm nervous about it.

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Joanna Young said...

Hi Kerri

"Sing it girl!" is good advice, whatever the source :-)

Good luck with future open mic nights - it sounds fun, if a bit scary...