Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am always drawn to read books and articles about "simplicity". So I've read a lot about how important it is to make your life simple, and how important "present moment awareness" is. I've spent the last few months "getting rid of the clutter" in my house. Clearly, it's an ongoing, life-long process. But I now know how good it feels to get rid of stuff. And I know I don't miss the stuff once it's gone. So I seem to always have something to donate each time the Leukemia Society calls to ask if I can contribute to the truck that will be driving down my street "next week".

So my latest life changing practice based on the ideas I've been reading about is MEDITATION. I've been meaning to start this for months, but I never seem to carve at the time to do it. I told my friend I was trying to make myself do 10 minutes of daily meditation and she convinced me I should start with a smaller goal...Instead of 10 minutes, she suggested starting with just 2! I am now on day 2, and already I'm up to meditating for 3 solid minutes. WHEW! I know there are lots of different forms of meditation, I am doing the OM kind. Is that what it's called? OM meditation? The kind of meditation where you just sit there and make that noise...Well, it's so strange to make that noise that it helps me not think of anything besides just that vibration of my voice. And how weird I am.

I told my friend I was trying this and she sent me a link to a church that does this chanting meditation as a group. I'm not sure when, but I'm going to it... To hear many voices would be cool- I think I might feel like a Monk.

I don't know what my goal is with the meditation practice. It's just every time I read about it, I want to know more about it and understand WHAT all the hype is about. I've read if you do any practice for 21 consecutive days it becomes a habit. So, only 19 more days and perhaps I'll be committed. I'll keep you posted on what I discover...

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