Friday, April 28, 2006

Blue Tooth

I just do NOT get the blue tooth attachment that people put on their ears. And I really, really don't get it when they meet people out for lunch and they keep that thing on their ear the whole time. I see it a bunch, more and more every day as I sit up on the perch at Potbelly. I want to yell down to them, "Leave that at the door!"

So I guess the appealing concept (for THOSE people) is that you have "hands free"- Is that it? Even the ear pieces are better than the blue tooth. The blue tooth looks stupid on anyone and everyone... They look to me like the people who think they are too busy to hold a phone. And nothing (besides the blue tooth) drives me more crazy than people who talk about how busy they are all the time. It all seems to imply that they are more important than other people.

I'm usually behind on all the technical trends, like e-mail, IM, cellphones... I seem to jump on the bandwagon at least a year after it's at it's peak. But the blue tooth will NEVER be attached to my ear. ALTHO, a friend of mine said they'll probably come up with stupid looking big ears like "Spock Ears" for the blue tooth users...That kind of stupid slightly appeals to me, but still... NO! I will not support that.

I hope, and I think, those ear attachments are going to be one of the things we soon look back on and just laugh at, like the super bulky suitcase cell phones from the 80s. But wait, aren't we already laughing at them now?

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