Thursday, January 24, 2019


I've been on a roll with my book choices lately- I've loved everything I've read for the past few months it seems.  And I have a few I'm about to start that make me think this good streak is going to continue.

When I went to the library the other day to pick up my books I had put on hold, I of course couldn't help but look around a little and see what else might be available to check out.

I saw Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward.
I had heard a lot about when it was first out.  And I was sort of interested, although also (and mainly) repulsed.  But since I read all sorts of genres of books- including true crime, being repulsed doesn't usually stop me.  So, I checked out this book, along with several others.
There were plenty of good books I could have started with, but I went straight for the Fear book, for whatever reason.

But after a couple of chapters, I thought, "What am I doing to myself?  When did I become a masochist?"  Filling my head with the information in this book is not how I should ever end my day just before drifting off to sleep.  I have enough problems with sleep.  And with anxiety.  The words and the stories I fill my head with matter.  So I slammed the book shut, threw it on the floor, and told Fermin I wasn't going to keep on with that book any longer. He continued to snore.

The next morning, I cracked open one of the other books I found at the library.  This time, I went for the polar opposite theme.  Instead of FEAR, I chose something that would make me (hopefully) feel better about everything, whether it's something in my control or not.  I started the book called The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan.  I already know I made the right choice.

I know how true it is that it's our attitude (and hence, our gratitude) far more than our circumstances, that bring us joy. How we look at the world makes all the difference. I know it, but I need to be reminded of it sometimes.

I'm so glad that I chose to close that book on FEAR and instead, start reading more about GRATITUDE. Already, things are looking a little brighter.

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