Friday, May 12, 2017

Writing By the Glass

I'm embarking on a new writing project.  Longer than a song or a blog post.  So it sort of makes me nervous.  But also, excited!

Right now, my head is bubbling with ideas but I don't have a clear path of how I want to go about telling this story. The blank page is just as daunting for me as it is for everyone. But I figure if I just spend time with it daily, it will work itself out. 

I know that I can easily be distracted by email, Facebook, Instagram, and of course- weird Trump tweets. Those things are (mainly) just forms of procrastination.  So during my dedicated writing time I'm shutting off my Wi-Fi on my computer, and leaving my iPhone in another room.  Since I sometimes use my iPhone as a timer, I realized I needed another form of keeping track of time.  So, I ordered this awesome hourglass I found on Amazon.

It's not technically an hourglass.  This pink sand counts down by the half hour.  For me, that's even better.  Sometimes, uninterrupted 30 minute segments are about all I can take anyway.  When I'm really on a roll, I can flip it over and go again for another half hour. 

I like that there's no ticking involved, no buzzer once the time is up, and if I want to just watch the pink sand trickle in for a few minutes, it feels pretty zen.

No matter what, I'm sitting down to write 30 minutes every single day from now until at least July 4.  Who knows, maybe by then it will be a habit.  And maybe my writing project will be going and flowing so well, I just won't want to stop!  But it's also okay with me if it all sucks.  I know bad writing eventually leads to better writing.  30 minutes at a time...

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essay best said...

I really appreciate your motivation and dedication to writing. You are right that when we sit down to write there are so many distractions around so it is better to count the time.