Thursday, August 11, 2016

My New HairCut

Getting a haircut is a big deal for me.
When I'm changing it, rather than just getting a trim, it's a big event.  I am excited but also slightly anxious in the days that lead up to it.

I show up with pictures of examples of how I hope my hair will look by the end of the appointment.  Although, it's usually not just the hair I want, but the whole face of the person in pictures I bring in for show. But I DO understand, a hair stylist only deals with hair...

I've had a few traumatizing haircut experiences in my past... and really, who hasn't?
The first one that I remember, was when I was in 8th grade and I chopped off my shoulder length hair to mid-neck length.  My boyfriend (whatever that means when you're 13 years old) actually broke up with me because he didn't think I was as pretty with shorter hair.  Nice.

Another time, I went to a new stylist and she cut my bangs so short that they wouldn't even lay flat on my forehead, they just stayed in a spiked position.  I wore weird headbands for a few weeks until things calmed (and flattened) down.
my bangs looked something like this after that bad haircut
But these days, I know Fermin isn't going to leave me over a haircut.  And I'm not letting anyone cut my bangs so short that it looks like a 3 year old got a hold of some scissors.  So the excitement of a new look far outweighs the anxiety and fear.

I LOVE going to a salon.  Why does it feel so much better when someone else shampoos my hair?  I also love the sound of the scissors snipping away, and seeing all the hair that falls to the floor.  I don't look in the mirror until it's all over...  And then the blow-dry, which again, like the shampoo, feels like a massage when someone else is doing it for me.  Once it's time for the big reveal, and the stylist turns me around in front of the mirror so I can see my hair from all angles, I always say, "I love it!  Oh, that looks so much better!" And usually, I mean it.  But even if I don't, it's just hair.  And hair grows!  And I look pretty decent in a hat if it takes a while to look reasonable again.  So really,... not that big of a deal, I realize.

Earlier today I got a new haircut! By a new person! At a new salon!  A great haircut these days doesn't come cheap.  In fact, the hourly rate feels like they should be giving me legal advice while they're cutting away.  But it's such a great luxury and I really love it.  And I definitely needed a little pick me up right about now.  And I love this haircut!

Although I didn't take a "before", because lately, I've just been putting it up in a pony tail everyday anyway because it's so hot.... I did, however, have Fermin snap a couple pics for the blog. 
The back...

from the side...
No need for a weird scarf, and as I assumed, Fermin's sticking with me.  So it's a good day around here!

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