Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Reading Club

Today, as I was going through the check out line at my public library branch, Brian, one of the guys who works there, asked me if I had signed up for the summer reading program.  "No, I haven't but it sounds totally fun!"  Thrilling, in fact.

So I went over to the new head librarian and signed up.  She was super nice, and she and I hit it off immediately due to our (some might call it geeky) excitement over the summer reading club, and just books in general.  We started talking about our favorite genres, and the next thing I new, she was making me a list of authors and book titles I need to check out.  How awesome!!!

I'm stoked!  This reading program's not just for kids.  It's for grown ups too! 

All you do is log the books you read during the summer.  And you get prizes.  I don't know what these prizes are, but I was told they're good!  Just for signing up, I got to pick out a free book from one of the shelves today. 
My FREE book from the Summer Reading Club

I'm thrilled!  And they made me feel like a winner already!

Go to your local library and see how you can sign up. Join the coolest club in town with other cool kids like me!