Friday, January 22, 2016

Enid Collins, I Love You

I'm crazy for vintage hand bags.  In particular, I am bananas for Enid Collins purses.  They come from Texas, from the 1960s, and they are jeweled.  So of course I have a strong pull towards them. To me, they are each a work of art.  Although you might come across some that are similar, they are each unique since they're handmade...Different jewel colors, different trim, different sizes, and other subtle variations on the same design.
Enid Collins "Carriage Trade" Bucket Bags from the 1960s
Some of the designs are more rare than others, so occasionally I run across one I've never seen before.

Lately, my eyes (and hands) have been drawn to the Enid Collins box bags.  They aren't a super practical purse to carry around, but boy oh boy are they cute as anything!  The other day I ran across this little treasure and I am in love with it. It's so special. Although I buy and sell a lot of Enid Collins purses, there are a few I'm pretty sure I could never part with, and this is one of them...

Enid Collins "Je Vous Aime" Box Bag circa 1960s
Enid Collins Box Bag
I doubt I could fit all the stuff I usually carry in a purse inside this cute box, so for now, it's just my favorite bit of home decor!
I love you, Enid Collins.
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