Monday, July 27, 2015

Bachelorette Finale Tonight!

Tonight, as you may know, is the Bachelorette finale.  It's been going for so many years now, I don't even know what season we're on.
Yay! Bachelorette Kaitlyn is having a party tonight!
This season has been most notable because the bachelorette, Kaitlyn, had sex with one of the bachelors a little earlier than the girls usually do. Typically, they wait and have sex with several of the men (so I've heard) during the final couple of weeks when they get the card for the fantasy suites.  No one ever makes a big deal about it.  But because Kaitlyn got some of it out of the way earlier in the season, the word on the street is that a lot of viewers got really angry.  I mean really angry.  Death-threat-angry.  Which reveals a little about the type of people who watch this show.  Oh but wait-- I watch this show. Honestly, I appreciate that she kept things from getting too predictably boring. A few episodes after "the intimacy" with Nick, Kaitlyn decided she needed to confess it to Sean.  It seemed ridiculous, but made for great tv.
"Hey Sean, I'm totally having fun with you, but I need to tell you about someone else I had fun with..."
Tonight, Kaitlyn is down to just having Nick and Sean to choose from.  Nick was the guy that lost out on the final night with Andi on the previous season of The Bachelorette. He is also the guy Kaitlyn had sex with early on in this season. Somehow, he met Kaitlyn before filming started. Although he didn't make it onto Kaitlyn's season at the beginning, he did show up a few weeks into it, and was a clear front runner.  She got so excited when she heard he going to show up.  She asked the other men if they were okay with him jumping onboard, and although they clearly didn't like the idea, she had him on anyway.
I think this was the first day Nick showed up on set. Kaitlyn seemed to kind of like him.
I wasn't a fan of Nick previously.  But just due to the fact that Sean seems like such a cocky/bully/possessive boyfriend, I can't help but root from Nick.

Possible Spoiler....if it's correct information:Apparently, Kaitlyn snapchat-ed a video of her and Sean in bed together since filming has ended, therefore giving away who she's currently involved with.

Since I have already heard about that little rumour, I'm assuming Sean will get the final rose and Nick will once again, be the runner up.  I'm not on pins and needles to how it all turns out. Maybe I'm wrong, but either way- who cares?

The show called "After the Final Rose" airs right after the finale.  That's the show I'm most looking forward to tonight. It will be fun to see how Sean handles seeing all of Kaitlyn's escapades with the other men that he didn't previously know about. And since there was such a dislike between the two final men, it will be funny to see if they even pretend to be happy for the other and Kaitlyn in the end.

I don't watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette because I believe any of it.  I feel pretty sure that there's no way that either one of these relationships are real and will last much beyond the filming of the show.  Mainly, it's a great excuse for me and my friend Kathy to get tacos every Monday night and watch 20-somethings get drunk, say stupid things, cry, kiss in hot tubs, etc.  Good times!  And nothing serious. 
Who's going to propose tonight?!

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