Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Music Monday, Music Tuesday "Eclipse" by Dominic Miller

I missed Music Monday this week- with the Ice Storm of 2015 here in Dallas, the city, and any productivity came to a screeching halt yesterday.  So I'll just shift it over to Tuesday, even tho Music Tuesday doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well.

Last week's selection for Music Monday was "Lullaby for an Anxious Child", which I think of as a song by Sting.  But the co-writer of the song, and the version I selected to put on the blog, was by Dominic Miller.

After posting that, I looked up Dominic Miller and saw that he has a lot of solo albums.  And that he not only has collaborated with Sting, but with lots of other artists as well.

As I told my husband the other day, for me, the magic of Sting might just be Dominic Miller.  I LOVE his stuff.

Here's what it says on Dominic's biography page on Amazon:
How I came to play with certain artists and musicians can be traced back to recognizing or having an instinct for opportunities when they have been in front of me. I don't mind saying this is what I am most proud of. Being invited in the mid eighties by percussionist Miles Bould to collaborate together on some demos was one such opportunity which proved to be an important one. This led to him recommending me to play on Julia Fordham's album "Porcelain" (1988), produced by Hugh Padgham. He would go on to produce Phil Collins' album "But Seriously" which was the best selling album of the year ('89/'90) and included the world-wide hit "Another Day in Paradise". Hugh invited me to play on this album which got me noticed by many artists and producers including Sting who I have been working with ever since. I have recorded every album Sting has produced since "The Soul Cages". I have performed over one thousand concerts with him since 1990, spanned over five world tours. He is perhaps the most influential artist to my career and certainly the one I have been with the most. The most significant thing I have learnt from Sting is the importance or quest for growth as a musician. This is why I am still a student of music and my fascination for different genres and disciplines never wavers. I don't see the need to name any more names. These can be found in various discographies on my career. But the single most influential person in my career would have to be my sister Julie who got me started on the guitar when I was very young.

Hey!  Cool!  Like Dominic, I too have a sister named Julie.  Altho she didn't get me started on the guitar like his Julie did! My Julie's interests were with horses when we were young, and I had to find the guitar on my own.   But I digress...

When I'm making jewelry, I love having music in the background, but often end up distracted with lyrics.  Dominic's solo guitar music is perfect for when I'm repurposing all that pretty vintage jewelry.  As a bonus, his guitar playing makes me want to cry.  And I love a good cry.

So today, for Music Tuesday, I'm choosing another song by Dominic Miller.  I guess I've been a fan for many years (thru his work with Sting), but didn't even realize it!  Thanks to Music Monday, I made the discovery!  This one is called "Eclipse".

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