Friday, December 19, 2014

1960s Coro Flower Rhinestone Earrings- Before & After Repurposing

Aren't these earrings cute?  They're vintage Coro screw back earrings, circa 1960s.
Vintage Coro floral gold and rhinestone screw back earrings
But to me, screw backs are very uncomfortable.  Every now and then I can tolerate the pain of a clip, but there's something about a screw back that just never feels right to me. Or probably anyone.

So of course, I decided to do a little repurposing.  I wanted to keep them simple, so I just added a clear crystal bead and pierced ear wires.
"during" my repurposing- cleaning, clipping, filing, wiring
Now they're still just as beautiful, and I think even a little more so, but they can be worn very comfortably.
Repurposed Coro Earrings- from screw packs, to pierced ear wires
 I haven't yet gotten around to listing them in the Resparkable Etsy Shop, but if you'd like them by Christmas, email me and I can ship them out immediately.


Anonymous said...

Really nice job!!!! I think they look even prettier. Gave me some hope for some of grandma's old screw backs!

Kerri said...

yes! get out grandma's screw backs and turn them into something you can wear and really LOVE! good luck- i'd love to see your before and afters too! :)