Friday, July 25, 2014

How Can You Hate, or Even Not Like, Jimmy Fallon?

Earlier today, my friend posted a video clip of Jimmy Fallon being funny and cute and happy with one of his guests on The Tonight Show.  So, this clip could have been taken from any night of the week.  Anyway, with the video, my friend introduced it by saying, "Hate him if you will but he's got a creative mind and I love him."

"Hate him if you will"?  What?  No.

If someone just isn't familiar with Jimmy, fine.

But how could anyone who's watched him on his previous show, or The Tonight Show feel this way?

Wait!...  I think I know!

They must be a miserable, mean person.

Really.  Because Jimmy Fallon is all about being happy, doing fun things with people, laughing, spreading joy, and just loving life.

If someone I knew were to say, "Ewww.  That Jimmy Fallon.  I hate that guy", then I would realize that person is just not my kind of person at all.  And it's not even that I'm a super fan or anything.  It just seems like the equivalent of someone who hates puppies or babies.

Haters, find someone else to hate!  Like perhaps someone who does bad things.  But Jimmy Fallon? C'mon.


Tori said...

I 100% agree Kerri! I adore Jimmy Fallon and think he is UBER talented! Really. They guy can do everything! He and Drew Barrymore are two celebrities that I would really enjoy having as friends! Right?

Valerie said...

I love Jimmy! And that clip with "Captain Morgan" is hilarious!