Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jingle Bashing

I was so looking forward to going to the Etsy Jingle Bash today.  It's a craft fair of lots of vendors who sell handmade goods on Etsy.  I figured I could pick up a few unique Christmas gifts for others, and/or myself!

Apparently a lot of other ladies had the same idea.  Way too many ladies!

It was held downtown at the Palladium, which sounded like it would be plenty big even if there were a bunch of people there.  BUT, there also happened to be a studio tour in the same area, so people were just every-effing-where.

Even parking was hellacious.  I had to parallel park, which is never pretty.  But no cars or people were injured, and for that, I am proud.

Maybe there were cute handmade goods there, or maybe there weren't.  I'm not even sure.  It was impossible to even make it up to the counters in the sea of people I would've had to wade thru to get there.

They had a few bars set up where you could order drinks, and they had a DJ spinning.  All that sounds kind of nice and festive, but it was just completely irritating to me.

If you notice on the Jingle Bash flyer above, you'll see that where it says, "shop-party-art-craft", the word "craft" sort of looks like "crazy".  That's what it looked like to me anyway.



Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

Aw that is too bad. :(
Good job on the parallel parking without causing damage though. :)(And that poster is pretty darn cute!)

Lisa said...

What a bummer. I try to go to those events early and get out before it gets nuts.