Thursday, October 27, 2011

Very Scary

I don't watch all that much scary stuff-- But every now and then, I just wanna!  And since it's October, I guess I wanted to get all spooked out.

So I've heard a little about this show on F/X called American Horror Story.  My friend Valerie, who keeps a great blog, mainly about TV shows she indulges in, wrote about it recently (Read it here!).  She seemed pretty affected by it, so I decided to watch it.

It's about 4 weeks into the series, but fortunately, between Dish on Demand and F/X running repeats, it's not too late to jump on at the beginning of the series.  Amerian Horror is a pretty intricately weaved story, so it could be quite confusing it you don't catch it from the beginning.  So I watched the first one.  Alone.

Then I told my husband he too had to watch the pilot so that he would also get sucked into to the evil web of American Horror Story, and we could watch them from that point on tegether.  Because I'm not sure this is a show that should be watched alone! 

Last night, we got caught up on all the episodes that have been on so far.  (Which means, yes, we watched waaay too much TV last night!)  But oh.  My.  Gosh.   Every time I see the names of the writers and creators of the show I think to myself, "Those are some pretty sick bastards to be writing shit like this!" 

And to them, I am grateful.  What a crazy show.  And so fun to watch.  With someone! Have a happy and spooky Halloween!


Valerie said...

I LOVE that you're watching it too! They're running a mini-marathon on Monday night, so I'll record them all to watch again.

Entertainment Weekly does a great recap, and after I read those, I realize I miss a lot. they're wordy recaps, but the writer has a lot of theories that are interesting to read. The comments are fun to read too.

I look forward to catching up with you on this show each week!

Valerie said...

Hi there! I'm cross-posting to respond to your comments over at my place. I've never seen any of the Omen movies, but I know they'd scare me to death. One of my college roommates spent 30 minutes telling me about a scene from, I think it was Omen 2, that she said would stay with her forever. Just her description of the scene freaked me out! I knew I'd never see the movie. Also, I'll never see the original Invasion of the Body Snatches simply because it freaked my dad out when he saw it. He said they don't even show you anything, which is what made it worse because you imagine it, and those thoughts stay with you. If something was bad enough to shake up my dad, I'm not gonna see it!

So, did you see American Horror Story this week? It's such a crazy show but I'm so anxious to find out what happens next! Ryan Murphy says next week's show is going to be horrifying and upsetting. I might have to wait to watch it in daylight. :o)

Valerie said...

I don't know how long the show can/will last. I heard rumors that they were going to have a new family move into the house each season. The beauty of the show, though, is that even if the current family is killed, they can just come back in a second season as new haunters. It'll be interesting to see what they do.