Monday, July 18, 2011

Songwriters in the Round- Mondays in July

I'm hosting the "Songwriters in the Round" at Opening Bell Coffee during the month of July.  There are only 2 Monday nights left in July so c'mon out and check out this great scene!

I've booked 3 acts for each night + me.  We take turns playing songs we've written, and talking a little bit about the "behind the music" of our songs.  Opening Bell is such a great, cozy atmosphere for just this kind of thing.  And where the heck else would you wanna be on one of these sweltering summer evenings anyway?

It's hard to get out on a Monday night, at the end of a work day,  I know.  But once you're there, it sure is a great way to unwind.  Even better than watching "The Bachelorette"!  ;)  Last week, although the crowd was small, it sure was warm and welcoming.  I love people who actually come out to listen to the music.  It makes us songwriters feel so appreciated.

Last week, I had NO VOICE.  I didn't get to sing.  But I did get to listen.  And here's a little of what I got to hear:
The fabulous Cary Cooper, who you just can't help but sing along with!

And the beautiful voice of Robin Hackett...

And, my friend, Ro Diaz-- He's famous for being an artist- Gorgeous paintings.  But not everyone knows he also has a talent for music.  He shared a little of his songwriting, and also performed some beautiful covers.

What a night!

So please don't miss out tonight- It's going to be another great one.  On our line up is for tonight is
Hudson and Harlan, Annie Benjamin, Emmeline, and me!  7:30-9:30pm! 


Kelly Warren said...

oh how fun! and oh how i love a ukelele. i'd love to learn to play one.

Rob said...

Man Kerri... wish i could make it out. Sorry, but it looks like me making out there even just to listen is a no-go. Just wasn't in the cards this time around.

Next time? Maybe? Hope you host this event at Opening Bell again soon.

Would love to be booked to play along side you in the round.