Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Very Happy.

There is no cuter tummy than Lucy's!
I celebrated my birthday this past weekend.

Friday morning Fermin put the puppies in bed to wake me up.  Awww!  And then he told me he made me an appointment at the Nordstrom Spa for "Two Hours in Heaven".  (Really, that's what they call the treatment I got.  And it WAS two hours in heaven!)  My husband knows me well!  And he is super thoughtful.  I had a great day, thanks to him.

Then, that night, we went out with our great friends, Allyson and Kevin, to Eclair Bistro.  Super yummy.

And when we got home, I opened up the perfect gift from my friends:  Dog Agility in a Bag!  Anyone who knows me, knows that these days I'm all about my puppies, all the time.  A gift for the puppies is really the best gift for me! unusually quiet moment for the Ricardos...
2011 started off very shitty.  Zoe and Scout died in February.  What a huge loss.  But we had a great life all together for a good long 15 years.  Oh, but my heart felt broken.  But I know now that the break in it just allowed it to stretch and grow bigger.  Now I've got these two new puppies to love.  And I'm able to give them a ton of love... and they give it right back!  2011 is turning out to be a great year after a very sad start.

And it was a very happy birthday!


Jadyn @ said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a good day! You are just beaming with happiness. Your puppies really are the cutest!

Marie a la Mode said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday! It is so nice to see you so happy after a tough start to the year : )

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to YOU Kerri! Wow those sweet puppies are growing and you look beautiful and so incredibly happy. :)

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Kerri! Your day sounds so wonderful and your puppies are adorable. It's such a wonderful feeling to feel the unconditional love of an animal. I love it!

this free bird said...

Kerri!! Happy Happy Birthday my friend. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day and it warms my heart to see your two new puppies. I'm glad your heart made room for two new friends :)


Melissa Sarno said...

Happy belated birthday Kerri! I love to see how much joy these puppies bring you. They are SO CUTE!

Jess said...

Happy birthday for last weekend Kerri! Hope you had a lovely time. It's great to see you so happy after your sadness a few months ago.:)xx

Robin Norgren, M.A, R-YT, Spiritual Director said...

ah sweet girl, I have tears in my eyes reading this. So happy for you that your heart is mending from such a HUGE LOSS. xorobin

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet kerri, happy belated birthday!! I am so happy to know you had a good merry celebration! Your lovely dogs are just so adorable and beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you sweet friend!

Unknown said...

Wow~~ What a great birthday indeed! Sending you the best vibes on a great time, and some wonderful events at Opening Bell !!

soleil said...

happy birthday!!!! glad it was an awesome day as that is how birthdays should be. :D

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