Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lavender Farm

If my arm was longer, this would've been a better photo!
As I was perusing the paper over the weekend, I found an idea for a little road trip for Fermin and I to take on Memorial Day.  I love lavender-- I put lavender essential oil in my bathtub every night and it's a great addiction!  So when I saw an article about the "Lavender Festival" going on at a Lavender Farm in Gainsville, Texas I told Fermin about it.  He wasn't anywhere near as excited as me.  In  fact, I don't really think he was excited at all.  When he would hear me tell someone what our plans were for Monday, he'd say, "Well, we might go there!" But somehow, I convinced him to go along with it.  And he did. Yay!

All that was left of the lavender...Nothing!
In the article I read, it said that for just $8, you could go out into the fields and pick a bunch of lavender.  When we arrived, there wasn't any lavender left to pick.  Evidently, it all got picked by other lavender lovers on Saturday.  Boo.

But they did have a craft area, sort of like the article had said.  But it was mainly old stuff that looked like maybe it had been picked up at a garage sale.  But believe it or not, I was able to find some stuff I wanted!  We didn't make an hour and a half drive for nothing!!  I found a wall clock for $5 and a little heart shaped trinket holder for $2.

There was also a cafe at the Lavender Farm.  I had read about this in the article as well.  Pretty much everything seemed to have at least a little lavender in it.  The iced tea had a little too much.  It tasted sort of  like we were drinking my bath water.  Yum? But the Lavender cheesecake made the whole thing worth it!

There was also a tiny little gift shop where they sold some soaps, oils, etc. all made with lavender.  I wasn't leaving this place with out some kind of lavender so I bought some bath salts!

So yes, it was a bit disappointing that we didn't get to pick fresh lavender- but it was still a fun little day trip and we're glad we took it!  (Of course, on speaking for both of us here and making the assumption that he agrees....)


patty said...

OK. Kerri - next stop, Sequim, Washington! This is where I discovered lavender and have been to their amazing festival twice. Everything you have mentioned but way, way bigger. Fields and fields of lavender (truly a photographer's dream!)and everything lavender that you could possibly imagine. Seriously, look it up. It is always in the middle of July and believe me, they will not run out!!

Jadyn said...

I love lavender too! Sorry to hear it was disappointing, but yay for accommodating husbands! At least the cheesecake was it worth it!

soleil said...

I LOVE lavender!! I'm sorry you didn't get to pick any, but it sounds like you had a great time.

judge david said...

My aunt used to put lavender disks around her house, and the scent always takes me back there and some of my happiest childhood memories. More recently, the restaurant First Crush in San Francisco serves a lavender creme brulee, and it's pretty much the best dessert. E.V.E.R.!