Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today I got a cortizone shot, because as the doctor put it, my face and neck were, "screaming, ALLERGIC REACTION!"  To exactly what, I'm not sure.  I just know it started about a week ago as an innocent little itch on my neck.  But a day or two later, bumps appeared.  And then each day, hour, and minute after that, itchy bumps popped up in mass all over my face, neck, and chest.

Last week, I didn't even appreciate my clear, non-itchy skin.  I just walked around, taking it for granted. 

Prior to my visit to the doctor, I did a dangerous amount of internet research to try and figure out what these itchy bumps where trying to tell me.  There were moments I felt sure I had shingles, then measles, along with some other diagnosis I couldn't pronounce.  I also knew plain old allergic reaction was a possibility.  But what could have caused the retaliation going on  all over my neck and face? 

Sadly, the only conclusion I can come up with is maybe it's the new perfume I bought about 3 weeks ago, and although it didn't cause an immediate reaction, maybe over time, my body just said, "Enough!"  I loved the smell of that perfume, and splurged on a $100 bottle of it.  And now that I've bought all the OTC medications, gone to my doctor and filled my prescription, it's probably more than doubled the cost of that little bottle of perfume.

So in just a bit, I'm heading up to the mall to return my beloved (and now hated) perfume.  I don't have my receipt, or the box it came in.  But I do still have this rash, so really, how can they deny me the return?


lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness......i've been there done that, and it's NO FUN!!! i've had reactions to two different antibiotics, welts all over my body, and a complimentary cortisone shot......eeeek!!! i hope you're feeling better soon....and i hope you find a new perfume that you like even better!! many hugs.....xox, :))

Kerri said...

thanks, lori.
well, as an update- i got a cortizone shot today and am already looking and feeling better. in fact, i've got loads of energy. unfortunately, my blood sugar is soaring- but i'm a type 1 diabetic so i take insulin, so i'll just happily take more while this steroid is in my system.

i returned the perfume, looking at the nordstrom lady with my itchy, rashy face and neck. she credited my account and said, "well that was easy."

THAT WAS EASY? really? not on my end of things. but i bit my tongue. that isn't her problem. and soon...it won't be mine either! :)

Valerie said...

I'm glad you got your money back and am sorry you're going through all that. I've been there too with a medication. Get better soon!

Melissa Sarno said...

Eeeeks! I hope you feel better soon. Stupid perfume.

Laurie said...

Oh no...I hope you're feeling better (looking better, too)!! I'm allergic to perfume, too. My mother once bought me a bottle of very expensive perfume and every time I wore it, I ran a fever and my lymph nodes got swollen! It took several episodes of "Gee, every time I have a big occasion coming up and I wear this perfume, I get sick" to figure it out. LOL!

Roberta said...

Oh I sure do hear you...I'm allergic to perfume but I usually have runny nose/itchy eyes from it. My skin rashes usually come from eating certain foods like cherries, apples, celery, nuts and carrots...raw food apparently don't agree with me..lol So glad you found the culprit :)

Creatissimo said...

Oh, poor you! I know how it is to be allergic :(. I have a long list of allergies, but at least now I know, so I can take care of myself and avoid stuff that cause the allergies. I hope you'll find your reason, so that next time you won't have problems anymore.

Suzi said...

I had the same thing happen to me several years ago. We never figured out what caused it! Hope you are feeling better.