Friday, May 7, 2010

Instant Gratification

I took a jewelry making class at the Creative Arts Center  but it was way too labor intensive to hold my interest.  The other people in the class loved it, but it just wasn't for me.  I was afraid of the blow torch (ok, I don't think it was really a blow torch, but it's a mini version of that), I wasn't good at using the "saw" to cut into the silver, ...and just didn't like all that work!

Instead, I love going to bead stores and picking out colors and textures and shapes I like, and then making little necklaces and earrings with them.  I can string up a necklace while at the same time watching Celebrity Rehab or listening to a great CD, and then, voila... I've got myself a brand new piece of jewelry!  I'll leave the real jewelry making to the professionals.

At this point though,  I've bought so many beads, it's actually become difficult for me to decide what I want to make next.  I'm overwhelmed by all the choices and possibilities.  
The other night, someone was over at our house and saw all my boxes and bags of beads and said, "Oh, so you string jewelry?" and I said, "Well, I buy beads."  Because lately, that really is the truth.  I'm buying the beads, but I'm not making much of anything.

So I decided to start pulling stuff out of my closet that I like and making a piece of jewelry to go with the outfit. 
I also decided not to buy any more beads unless I have a specific use for them.  I can no longer just buy a bead because it's shiny and sparkly.  Well, unless it's really shiny and sparkly and I just can't walk away!

I love projects that bring me instant gratification.  Maybe that explains why I'm a songwriter and a blogger rather than a novelist.  Keep it short, and I feel happy.  Drag it out, and I tend to walk away in frustration.

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