Thursday, March 25, 2010

Her Name Was and Is Lola

My Mom's mom, also known as my grandmother, was named Lola.  She was a showgirl.  No, not really, but she was a great, great lady that I loved a lot.

Lola was always patient and kind.  She was small in stature.  And beautiful.  She was musical~ played the piano beautifully, and I think she may have been self taught.  She got married at a very early age, and was also widowed at a painfully young age.  She never remarried.  Although I remember my mom telling me several men asked for her hand, but she wasn't interested.

We were just about all the family Lola had.  She had a couple of sisters that lived in Bonham, Texas- but other than was just us.  Her and my Mom were very close.  Not only did Lola spend every single holiday at our house, we saw her at least once a week, and Mom talked to her on the phone every single day.

I have been at a loss of what to name my latest guitar.  Nothing was coming to me.  Nothing seemed deserving enough.

Until today.  I was on a walk with  my dogs, and I saw a lady walking her puppy Shitzu calling after her, "Lola!!  Lola!!"  And I started thinking about MY Lola.  And how much I loved and admired her.  And the strong connection she had with Mom.  And I realized THAT is the name my new guitar deserves.  Small in stature.  Beautiful.  Musical.

Her name is Lola.  She is a showgirl.


leapingpenguin said...

that is pretty cool, Kerri. Nice that the name for your newest guitar came to you like that.

Something kinda coincidental is my grandmother married at a very, very young age (16 if I remember right) and was widowed at age 19 or 20. She never remarried either. In May she'll be 85. (sigh)

Looking forward to another video of you playing with Lola accompanying.

David said...

Love the story! I've always said that our pets choose us and name themselves and, if we let them, our children will tell us their names. I can't wait to tell you how my precious Sheltie, Bonnie, came to be named Bonnie rather than, of all things, Lola!

kerri said...

Yes, I feel really good about her name. It's so fitting I think! I can't believe I just put a video up with a different guitar?!?! Carlita. Lola was in her case. What kind of mother am I????

leapingpenguin said...

There's a pub here in Houston that I love to go to that host's an open mic on Sundays. The house guitar's name... Carlita.

speaking of coming up with names ... I don't know how Blogger and Wordpress interact as far as being able to see a response I would have to a comment from someone using Blogger (in other words: me to you) but I wanted to let you know I answered your question about how I came up with the name LeapingPenguin.