Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the Rebound

After weeks of being rapt up in the 4 Twilight Saga books, (thank you Young Adult Fiction!) I am now ready to dive into a brand new book.

There's a bit of pressure involved in the picking of this next book. I'm coming out of this thrilling ride I've just had with all those Stephanie Meyers books. The books have been a phenomenal hit. Clearly, they had some kind of magical mass appeal. Whatever book I pick up next most likely won't be quite as enthralling. I've just come out of a pretty long and serious book relationship. It lasted for 4 long books.

You see, that's what I mean about the pressure on this next book. So, I'm going to look at it as just my rebound book after that torrid affair that just ended. It might not being as fast paced, it might not have an Edward, it may not hold my attention in all the ways that damn Twilight Saga did, but it will help me move on, and I'll be a stronger reader for it!

I do the bulk of my reading in the bathtub in the evenings. With the Twilight books, my baths took about an hour. Now that I just started a new book- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-
my baths are a lot shorter, and I debate over reading my latest Yoga Journal, or the book. Granted, I'm only about 70 pages into this new book, but I'm just not caring about the characters at all. I miss Edward. I want Jacob back. These new characters with their Swedish names are just not doing it for me!

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Tapestry Tree said...

I hope you hang in there with the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo! I felt the same way you are feeling until I was past the first couple of chapters. All that dry data in the beginning was hard to digest, but in the end, I was totally involved! I really missed her when the book was over.